Shareholder Update October 2021

Dear Shareholder

I write to update you on the matters that may affect your shareholding in the company. I have prepared below a list of questions that will help you with your interest in the company as to what is happening with your shareholding and the company itself.


1. Why did FDM delist?

FDM was delisted on the 9th August 2021 under the rules of the ASX, when a company has reached 2 years in suspension it is automatically delisted from the ASX. As the new board was not able to complete all the tasks required by the ASX in the limited time available to us (6 months worth of work in 3 months), the company was thus delisted.

You may have received a CHESS Holding statement that will show what your current holding in the company is.

2. What happens to my shares?

Your shares remain on the company’s share register and you remain a shareholder in the company.

You can access your shareholders statement from the company’s share register at Automic Group whose contact details are as follows:

Automic Group

Perth Office:
Level 2
267 St Geroges Terrace
Sydney Office:
Level 5
126 Philip Street
All Correspondence to:

GPO Box 5193

1300 288 664 (within Australia)

+61 (0) 2 968 5414 (International)


or you can contact the company at and we will be happy to help you with your request.

3. What are the board doing with the company

The board is positioning Freedom Oil and Gas Ltd. as an Energy Company focused on acquiring low cost energy assets in the United States and Australia, covering Oil & Natural Gas, Coal and New Energy (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, and others) with a focus on sustainable long term low cost production of energy products, all the while meeting the expectations and demands of the 21st century.

Freedom Oil and Gas plans to unlock value for shareholders by developing the strategically acquired traditional energy sources and transforming these into higher grade energy products, through the use of advanced off the shelf technology and utilising its own engineered processes.

Freedom Oil and Gas aims to assess up to 15-20 deals per year and close on 2-3 assets a year, and develop these strategically acquired assets into a positive cash flow producing business.

4. Timeline to relist

The Board is working to a reorganisation and relisting timeline that has us looking to relist on the ASX or other suitable exchange in Q2-Q3 2022.

As we work towards this date we will provide more updates.

5. When is the next AGM

The board is preparing the notice of meeting and the date and time for the AGMs

November to hold the AGMs for 2019 and 2020 and an EGM for 2021 to approve the purchase of the Texas Gas asset.

6. Will the Company change its Name?

Yes, with Shareholder approval.
The Board feels a change of name for the company is warranted to align the name to the new vision and business plan for the company. The proposed new name is: Freedom Energy Corporation Limited
This will be a resolution at the upcoming AGM for the company.

7. Where do I get more info on the company?

The Company will primarily communicate with the shareholders through email, and the occasional webinar and will place announcements and other information relating to the company on its website.

8. Are there any plans to raise more capital?

Yes, the board plans to raise more capital in the near future to facilitate the working capital requirements and to execute the business plan that the board has adopted.

The first of these such Capital Raises will be via an offer to existing shareholders and the shortfall then offered to the Market via an Information Offer Statement (the company is currently completing this document for approval by ASIC)

9. What is this asset you talk about vending into the company?

The Texas USA Asset we speak of is the Madisonville Gas Plant and field which is currently held by Promise Energy Madisonville LLC, which is a Texas registered and based Company. FDM will acquire this company and all the assets that it holds making up the Madisonville Gas Plant and Field.

The Madisonville Gas Plant and Field is located approximately 100 miles north of Houston in Madison County, Texas. There are four production wells drilled to the Rodessa formation at approximately 12,000 feet of depth, 100% interest in a C02 injection well, and access to 12.5 square miles of three-dimensional 3-D seismic data of the geological formations.

The Madisonville Plant sits on 15 acres and the Injection well sits on another 5 acres of freehold land owned by PEM.

The board has been working with asset valuers and resource engineers to have an independent
valuation completed on the Madisonville asset so that the asset can be vended into the
company at a fair and reasonable value.

10. Where can I update my shareholder information?

If you would like to update your shareholder information, you may do so by the following ways
a. Contact Automic as per the contact details supplied for Automic in question 2.
b. Send an email to with your shareholder information
to update.

Yours successfully

Stephen Petith
Executive Director

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