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Producing sustainable energy products to meet the demands of Today

We produce energy that meets the demands of the 21st century.

Freedom Energy Corporation Ltd. (FDM) is an Energy Company focused on acquiring low cost energy assets in the United States and Australia, covering Methanol, Hydrogen, and other energy products with a focus on sustainable long-term, low-cost production of energy products, all the while meeting the expectations and demands of the 21st century.

FDM plans to unlock value for shareholders by developing these strategically-acquired energy assets and producing low cost energy products, through the use of advanced off-the-shelf technology and by utilising our own engineered processes.

FDM aims to undertake a buy-to-build strategy; we will look to assess up to 10 deals and close on 2-3 assets a year, further developing these strategically-acquired assets into self-supporting, positive cash flow producing businesses.

The company plans to list on a major stock exchange in the near-term to increase its potential shareholder base and gain greater access to energy focused investors.


The board and executive team at Freedom possess unique transaction, execution, and investment experience and capabilities across a range of jurisdictions and industries.

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