Shareholder Update January 2023

Dear Shareholder

I write to you with an update on the operations of the company,

The board held its first meeting for the year this week and have moved to focus the company more on the Hydrogen and Methanol production then straight natural gas production, as the economic return on these products are greater then that of just producing natural gas, plus it gives the company alternatives revenue streams from just straight natural Gas.

Texas Project

The company continues the set to work program on the Madisonville gas plant and field to put this asset back into production and have the Hydrogen and Methanol plants built and installed.

The work is progressing as per the plan, we are seeing some delays due to the current global environment.

North Queensland Project

The project is being worked-up internally and is to be located in North Queensland, Most Likely Townsville, to take advantage of that cities location to a Coal Seam Gas pipeline and Export infrastructure.

It is envisioned that the project will produce Hydrogen and Methanol for both local and international use.

The company is continuing to work on a feasibility for this project. The project is looking encouraging from the work that has been conducted to date.


The company is seeking to list on the ASX as soon as possible.

The company is undertaking the works required to re-list on the ASX and has appointed the listing team to start this work.

We are seeking a Lead Manager for the listing to complete our listing team, The ASX is now requiring companies to have a lead manager appointed before they will approve an in principle application.

These works are progressing, the Re-listing team are progressing on the planned re-listing.


The company is well under way to have this accounting and audit works finalised and we will call the AGM for 2022 in the near future, we are looking at March for the AGM, a Notice of meeting will be sent closer to the date.

A Note on your Shareholding

We have received a number of inquires about shareholding status in the company, I just want to make clear that even thou the company is delisted from the ASX, You are still a shareholder of the company, and the share register is administered by Automic.

you can login to view your holding in the company on Automics website Here:

Yours successfully

Stephen Petith
Executive Director

About Freedom Energy Corporation Limited

Freedom Energy Corporation Ltd. (FDM) is a Diversified Energy Company focused on acquiring low cost energy assets in the United States and Australia, covering Oil & Gas, Coal and New Energy (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, and others) with a focus on sustainable long-term, low-cost production of energy products, all the while meeting the expectations and demands of the 21st century.