Shareholder Update February 2022

Dear Shareholder

I write to update you on the operations of the company.


The the company will hold its AGM for 2019 and 2020 and an EGM for 2022 on the 18th of March at 10am (EADT)

Automic today has started to send the Notice of meetings and the meeting details to every shareholder of the company please look out for these details.

Capital Raise

The company is conducting a Capital Raise to Significant and professional investors (those investors that qualify as 708 investors under the Corporations Act) for working capital and capital to deploy on getting the company relisted.

this is open to current shareholders that meet the 708 criteria

for more information on the capital raise please email me: stephen.petith@adminebizconcierge-com

A Note on your Shareholding

We have received a number of inquiries about shareholding status in the company, I just want to make clear that even though the company is delisted from the ASX, You are still a shareholder of the company. After coming out of administration, the Company is now proposing to make a significant milestone acquisition as part of its new vision and strategy to have the company returning to operations.

Yours successfully

Stephen Petith
Executive Director

About Freedom Oil and Gas Limited

Freedom Oil and Gas Ltd. (FDM) is a Diversified Energy Company focused on acquiring low cost energy assets in the United States and Australia, covering Oil & Gas, Coal and New Energy (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, and others) with a focus on sustainable long-term, low-cost production of energy products, all the while meeting the expectations and demands of the 21st century.

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